Body Love Massage Oils are a great way to unwind. Pour a small amount in to the palm of your hands and massage on your skin in a circular motion. This is a great way to show your body love! Customers have given testimony to the smooth application, pleasing aroma, and uplifting spirits. 2 oz amber bottle.


Day Dream - Fruity and Sweet aroma to take your senses away into dream land. Great fragrance and can be used as perfume/cologne. 


Rejuvenate (Lavender Lemongrass) - Calming flora aroma for the mind, body, and spirit.


Invigorate - Citrus uplift with Sweet Orange and Grapefruit essential oils that will energize your senses. 

Massage Blend - Massage the tension and soreness away with this minty invigorating combination of blended oils to promote relaxation and pamper sore muscles.


Massage Oil

Massage Oil Scents
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